VVP Issue 1.3 – 12/07/2005

5 - Acknowledgements and References

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5.1 – The ICT/ICL 1900 Seminars


Many of the ICT/ICL 1900 papers published here are largely based on:


The following papers, recording the edited versions of the talks given at the Seminars, were extensively consulted and/or used:


  1. The Prehistory of the 1900 Series  by Arthur Humphreys (Resurrection No 17)
  2. How the ICT 1900 Series Evolved  by Hugh Devonald and Derek Eldridge (Resurrection No 16)
  3. The Technological Evolution of the 1900 Range by Brian Procter (Resurrection No 18)
  4. Keeping the 1900 Competitive by Virgilio Pasquali  (Resurrection No 19)
  5. Developing Software for the 1900 by Peter Hunt (Resurrection No 21)
  6. Getting Stevenage up to Speed by Mike Forrest (Resurrection No 22)
  7. ICT 1900 Operating Systems (Notes by George Felton for the 1900 Seminar in the Science Museum 30th May 1996 - unpublished)
  8. The 1900 Architecture by Charlie Portman (Unpublished)
  9. Keeping the 1900 Competitive (Notes by Virgilio Pasquali for the 1900 Seminar at Manchester University April 1997 – VVP files)


No written record could be found of the talks by Peter Ellis and Brian Millis at the 1996 London Science Museum Seminar and by Peter Hall at the Manchester University 1997 Seminar.




5.2- Additional Research and contributions

The above material was complimented, expanded and validated by additional research, contributions and discussions in the period Oct. 2003 – Jan. 2004.

The choice of contributors followed the same criteria adopted for the seminars: Key colleagues, actively involved in 1900 Range activities at the time, were asked to contribute and/or comment and validate material in their appropriate area, and/or provide input from their files.


The following ICL colleagues were involved:


         John Buckle

         Chris Burton

         Keith Crook

         George Felton

         Mike Forrest

         Henry Goodman

         Peter Hall

         John Harper

         Brian Millis

         Virgilio Pasquali

         Colin Taylor

         Peter Turner

         Alan Wakefield


5.3- Customers list


No list of customers or other related material has been found so far in the Science Museum 1900 archives or the Manchester 1900 archives.

Input has been sought from ICT/ICL colleagues to correct, at least partially, this gap.

The colleagues who have contributed to the lists published in Section 4.3 are listed at the beginning of Section 4.3.2.


5.4- List of references


  1. FP6000- Report on Visit to Ferranti-Packard by Mr C.H.Devonald, Mr D. Eldridge, Mr Arthur Jackson and Mr M. J. Wingstedt, 4th April 1963) (VVP files)
  2. The ICT 1900 Series. (ICT Brochure dated Sept 1964) (Science Museum London Archives)
  3. The ICT 1900 Series – A comprehensive Range  (ICT Brochure dated Nov. 1966) (Science Museum London Archives)
  4. ICL S&TS Document on Performance – 1972 (Science Museum London Archives))
  5. ICL SPD Task force note 387 – Comparative Power of Machines  21.12.73 (VVP Files)
  6. PLAN Manual (CPB Files)
  7. ICT Annual Report and Accounts 1967 (PDH Files)
  8. ICL Annual Report and Accounts 1969 (PDH Files)
  9. ICL 1900 (John Harper) 8/9/75 (VVP Files)
  10. ICL A business and Technical History by Campbell-Kelly
  11. 1902/3 logic set: 5006471 (Stevenage drawing office part number) (KC Files)
  12. Standard Interface: 1110020(Stevenage drawing office part number) (KC Files))
  13. 1901 logic set: 5013073(Stevenage drawing office part number) (KC Files)
  14. An Introduction to the J.U.C.C. (July 1972) –  (VVP Files – received from Timothy Goldingham)
  15. George 1S  (Science Museum London Archives TP4145)
  16. George 2    (Science Museum London Archives TP4432}
  17. Introduction to George 3 (Science Museum London Archives TP4265)
  18. Operating systems George 3 and 4 (Science Museum London Archives TP4345)
  19. ICL 2903 brochure – 1975     (From Alan Wakefield Files)
  20. ICL Computer International Summer 1976 – Special Edition - 2904 (from Alan Wakefield Files)
  21. The Marketing Awards 1975 Submission on behalf of ICL - 2903 (from Alan Wakefield Files)


The ICL Archives at the London Science Museum and Manchester were searched for 1900 Range information ( March-May 1996) while preparing for the London 1900 Seminar, but no comprehensive record was kept of the list of papers consulted