3.6 - ICT/ICL 1900 Software

3.6.1 – A 1900 User Software configuration in 1972 (JUCC brochure July 1972)

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This is an operating system used to carry out automatically many operating tasks, otherwise performed manually. 

It controls the file-store, checks user's budgets and performs scheduling i.e. makes it possible to perform several jobs, of various kinds, simultaneously Multi-access is also organized by GEORGE 3 which allows a number of teletypewriters to be connected to the central processor through a multiplexor on a time-sharing basis.


Compilation Macros


These are available for the standard programming languages, FORTRAN, ALGOL and COBOL. 

Their main function is to compile a source program but in addition some of then will also consolidate semi-compiled programs and execute object programs.

Five series of compilers are available: these in ascending order of complexity are S, P, J, Q and full series, providing facilities appropriate to each class of user.


Applications Packages


A large number of applications packages developed by I.C.L. for use with the 1904A system are available in the J.U.C.C.:


PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique)


PROP (Profit Rating Of Projects)


NIC (Nineteen-hundred Indexing and Cataloguing)




Business management exercise


Horizontal curve setting out


Cut and fill


Matrix scheme


Linear programming


Statistical analysis


Survey analysis


PROSPER (PROfit Simulation, Planning and Evaluation of Risk)


Storm Sewer analysis


Continuous beam analysis


Plane frame analysis


Grid analysis


Space frame analysis


Pipe flow analysis


Closed circuit hot water pipe sizing


Three-phase AC short circuit


Perspective and isometric dravinj


Vehicle scheduling


Control and simulation language